• Communication

    Improved communication

    In audit, review and objection communications, we will continue to seek out and act on feedback from external stakeholders to make sure our communications are clear and timely.

    In our more complex cases we will also:

    • make sure you understand the nature of our concerns and our interpretation of the facts
    • give you an opportunity to present your own views
    • adopt and promote a policy of open and informal information sharing with you where possible.

    Tax professionals

    We have made the Professional-to-Professional service more widely available to registered tax practitioners and extended the service to legal practitioners. This service provides direct access to one of our senior technical advisers to facilitate a response on complex technical issues that have not been resolved through research and enquiry.

    Having a decision maker present

    We will make sure a decision maker with the authority to settle attends all assisted dispute resolution processes. This may be either by phone or video conference, however, this will only occur if approved by a senior officer.

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