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  • Troubleshooting for individuals

    You can use this page to troubleshoot known systems issues affecting ATO online services for individuals, including myTax and other related services.

    On this page:

    Linking the ATO to your myGov account

    Table 1: Troubleshoot error messages you may receive when linking to myGov

    Error message

    What you can do

    Unable to verify

    This means the information provided does not match ATO records.

    Check you’ve entered these details correctly:

    • TFN – there should be no spaces
    • Your given name, family/surname and date of birth.            
      • Check the name we know you as – this will be on any letters we’ve sent to you recently.
      • If your given name or family/surname is longer than 40 characters, enter only the first 40 characters.
      • If you’re known by only one name, leave the given name field blank and enter your name in the family/surname field.


    Two attempts remaining / one attempt remaining

    Check you’ve entered your details correctly by following the advice in Unable to verify above.

    For questions specific to you:

    • Ensure this information is entered in the correct format so check the instructions or click on help for format advice.
    • Alternatively, you can select another Question specific to you.


    Linking lockout

    This occurs when you’ve had three failed attempts to link to us.

    For security purposes you won’t be able to link for one hour.

    You can try again to link us to your myGov account after the one-hour lockout has expired.

    Unable to complete link as myGov name and date of birth does not match customer record

    First, check you’ve entered these details correctly:

    • The name we know you as – this will be on any letters we’ve sent to you recently.
    • Your myGov personal details (name and date of birth) at the top right side of the myGov homepage. (These details will only appear if you’re linked to either Medicare or Centrelink).
    • If these details are correct and the error is still occurring, you need to contact us to confirm your details.
    • If these details are not correct, you’ll need to contact either Centrelink or MedicareExternal Link to update them.


    Ineligible to link

    We don’t have the information needed to confirm your identity. This may be because you’re a first-time or infrequent lodger.

    If you get this error message you’ll need to contact us for help with linking.

    The following error message appears when attempting to navigate from myGov to ATO online: 'Cannot find link'

    This means your myGov account is not linked to the ATO.

    Return to the myGov Services page and check the ATO link status:

    • If the ATO is not shown as linked, press the green link icon to begin the linking process.
    • If the ATO is shown as linked, you'll need to click on the red unlink icon.
    • Once you've received confirmation that the ATO has been unlinked, you should click the green link icon to re-link to us.

    If you are still experiencing issues, phone us.

    See also:

    Accessing ATO online services

    Table 2: Troubleshoot known issues when using ATO online services

    Error message/known issue

    What you can do

    An error has occurred (001)

    If the problem persists, phone us.

    Your settings are blocking this page from loading (002)

    • Check your device to see if you have ad blocker, browser add-ons or anti-virus software installed, considering          
      • ad blockers and other add-ons are often shown as icons near the address bar in browsers
      • updating settings for these products (refer to the software provider’s instructions) can allow our website to display (for example, whitelisting/adding an exception for the domain).
    • Try using another browser or device.

    If you have followed the above steps and require technical assistance, you can contact our technical helpdesk on 1300 139 373.

    A system issue error message is displayed

    Examples include:

    • A927.06 – The ATO system has encountered an unexpected error while processing your request
    • Proxy error
    • Unknown error
    • Unexpected system error
    • Session terminated
    • Session expiry.


    • Close your browser, open a new browser and try again.
    • Clear your browser cache (the steps for this will differ depending on your browser).
    • Search the internet for instructions specific to your browser.
    • Try using another browser or device.

    If the problem persists, phone us.

    Using myTax

    Table 3: Troubleshoot known issues when using myTax

    Known issue

    What you can do

    'Search address' error message on 'Spouse details' screen

    A defect is causing a Search address error message to display on the Spouse details screen.

    This defect is caused by the auto-fill function within your browser.

    This workaround will allow you to proceed with lodging your return.

    Scroll to the last question on the Spouse details screen:

    'Did your spouse receive a lump sum payment in arrears during 2018–19 and is your combined income for Medicare levy surcharge purposes over $180,000?'

    If the answer should be YES, you are required to provide the spouse address.

    If the answer should be NO, change the answer to YES, and then back to NO.

    myTax 2019 lodgment receipt email not issuing

    A defect prevented email receipts from issuing for myTax 2019 lodgments from 1 to 6 July.

    This issue was resolved late on 6 July.

    As long as you received the receipt screen following lodgment, your tax return is being processed.

    You can check the progress of your return by logging into our online services.

    Unfortunately we are unable to reissue receipts for returns lodged from 1 to 6 July.

    There is no ‘Lodge’ button or link on the ATO online home page for a specific year

    The ‘Lodge’ button or link will not display in the following circumstances:

    • if you indicated that your last lodged tax return was your final return
    • you lodged a non-lodgment advice for the year you're trying to lodge now.

    You will not be able to access that year's myTax via the ATO online home page.

    Navigate to the Income tax page by selecting the Manage tax returns quick link.

    If you previously indicated that your last lodged tax return was your final return, select the Not lodged tab on the Income tax page.

    If you previously lodged a non-lodgment advice for the year you're trying to lodge now, select the History tab on the Income tax page.

    In either case a tax return link should display. Follow further on-screen instructions to start your return.

    Note: The word 'Lodge' will not appear on the page for that specific year.

    Lodged return still displaying as 'Not lodged' or 'Resume' on the ATO online home page

    Some returns may not show as lodged immediately after lodgment and may still appear in the For action section on the ATO online home page.

    If you:

    • have a lodgment receipt number, do not attempt to lodge your return again
    • don’t have a lodgment receipt number, try lodging the return again.

    If the lodgment is not displaying after three days, phone us.

    Using the ATO app

    Table 4: Troubleshoot known issues when using the ATO app

    Known issues

    What you can do

    This message appears: ‘Unable to upload your records’

    This might happen when you are attempting to upload myDeductions records to the ATO.

    • Check for any known system issues currently affecting the ATO app – see System maintenance.
    • Ensure your device is connected to the internet.
    • Ensure you have the latest version of the app installed.
    • If you have trips recorded using the Point to Point method, ensure you have entered a start and end location.
    • Try again later.

    If you continue to receive this error message, you can phone us to report the issue.

    myDeductions tool - trip recording on OPPO devices

    OPPO phones include a ‘Background Freeze’ energy saver setting which prevents apps from running in the background. If you go out of the app or your device goes into standby mode while recording a GPS trip, this setting can cause the ATO app to suspend and your trip to stop tracking.

    To resolve this issue:

    • On your device, select Settings > Battery > Energy Saver
    • Tap on ATO app
    • Turn off Background Freeze.

    Note: These steps may vary slightly depending on the device you have.

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