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  • Taxable payments annual reporting – supporting documents

    If you disagree with information contained in the letter from us about your taxable payments annual reporting, we may ask you to provide one or more of the following supporting documents:

    • bank statements for relevant review periods
    • invoices issued during relevant review periods
    • a letter from the payer, providing an explanation of the nature of payments made in the period under review
    • If an incorrect ABN was provided to us, a letter from the payer providing the correct ABN for the period under review and an assurance that their accounting records have been adjusted to prevent future data matching reviews
    • payment remittance advices or a summary provided by the payer
    • documents that support receipt of payments by a related trading entity
    • business schedules

    The documents we ask you to provide will depend on your individual circumstances.

    Last modified: 11 Feb 2016QC 43490