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  • Employment income

    We may send a letter about your employment income if employers send us details of payment summaries for salaries and wages that do not match the amounts you declared in your tax return.

    The letter will include a schedule showing the relevant information from your tax return compared with information we hold.

    Understanding your employment income schedule

    Below is a sample employment income schedule. Keep in mind that your schedule will contain your own details and may not look exactly like this one.

    Sample employment income schedule

    Reported payment summaries
    for the year ended 30 June 2015

    Income discrepancy:


    Overclaimed credit:


    Source of income

    Income type

    Payer ABN

    Income amt $

    Credit amt $

    Ace Employer Pty Ltd





    Perfect Services Pty Ltd





    Perfect Services Pty Ltd





    The following definitions will help you understand your schedule:

    • Income discrepancy – The amount of income not declared in your tax return.
    • Overclaimed credit – The amount of extra credit you claimed which is above the total credit we were advised by your employer or (employers).
    • Source of income – A list of each source of employment income, as reported to us by your employer (or employers).
    • Income type – A three-digit code indicating the type of income you received. The reverse side of your schedule provides an explanation of each code.
    • Payer ABN – The employer's ABN for each source of employment income reported to us.
    • Income amt $ – The income amount reported by the employer (or employers).
    • Credit amt $ – The credit amount reported by the employer (or employers). This is the tax withheld from income paid to you.

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