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  • If the reported details are incorrect

    Some financial institutions are affiliated with other financial institutions, so the financial institution listed on your schedule may not be immediately familiar to you. Your BSB number will clarify which financial institution holds your account.

    Check your accounts match those reported on the schedule, including any accounts you closed during the year. Some accounts closed before the end of the financial year (for example, term deposits) are archived by the financial institution at the end of that financial year.

    You may need to contact your financial institution if the details on the schedule do not seem correct.

    If you were not the owner of an account listed on the schedule, ask the financial institution to confirm that you did not own the account. The financial institution is required to perform a search, including closed and archived accounts.

    If you disagree with the interest amounts reported by your financial institution, you need to send us documents to confirm the correct amount.

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