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  • What to do if you receive a letter

    If you receive a data-matching letter from us, you will need to review your records. The action you take will depend on whether you agree or disagree with the information included in your letter.

    You should compare the information contained in the letter against your records (for example, bank and private health insurance statements).

    If you agree

    If you agree with the information in your letter, you do not need to contact us. At the end of the period specified in your letter, we will automatically send you an amended assessment.

    If you realise that, in addition to the amounts we have shown, you have omitted income from other sources or from the same source in other income years, you should give us the details so we can include it in your amended assessments.

    We continually check for missing, inaccurate or incomplete information on tax returns. If you do not declare all your income, you may receive another letter in the future.

    If you disagree

    If you disagree with the information we have, you will need to contact us within the timeframe specified in your letter.

    We may then ask you to provide supporting documentation.

    If you lodged through a tax agent

    You are responsible for all information on your tax return even if a tax agent completes it for you.

    Make sure you bring all relevant facts to the attention of the agent or adviser. You are expected to honestly answer any questions asked by the agent regarding the preparation of your tax return.

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