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  • Deceased estate data package

    To lawfully access the information of a deceased person you must be the legal personal representative (executor or administrator) of the deceased estate and have received grant of probate or letters of administration.

    To access the deceased's information you first need to notify us of your appointment.

    Asset and income information

    We can help you to identify the assets and income stream of the deceased by extracting the relevant data from our records and sending you a Deceased estate data package.

    The package will contain (if it exists) the following information:

    • individual tax return information for the last three income years
    • an extract of income and investment data for the last three income years
    • an extract of notices of assessment issued for the last three income years
    • copy of the most recent statement of account
    • any outstanding debts with us
    • any superannuation accounts identified
    • payroll data received for the current year.

    If additional information is required you will need to contact us.

    How to request this information

    You can request a Deceased estate data package by:

    • phoning 13 28 61
    • writing to
      Australian Taxation Office
      GPO Box 9990
      [insert the name and postcode of your capital city]

    If you have appointed a tax agent or legal practitioner to represent you, they can also request that this package be sent to you. It is important that you provide us your current postal address.

    Due to legal restrictions, the package of information can't be sent directly to tax agents or legal practitioners acting for the executor or administrator.

    If you are an individual named as an executor in a will without grant of probate or a family member who is managing your relative’s tax affairs, we can't provide this same package of information to you. There are legal restrictions that prevent disclosure of a deceased person’s information except in certain circumstances. You will need to contact us to discuss your situation. We will work out if any information may be lawfully disclosed.

    Tax Agents

    Registered tax agents who have been appointed by the executor or administrator to represent the deceased client’s estate, can request a ‘Deceased estate data package’ via Online Services for Agents by selecting:

    • Communication
    • Practice mail

    Then select:

    • New
    • the topic Income Tax
    • the subject Copy of return
    • the enquiry type General enquiry
    • in the message field type ‘Deceased estate data package’ request
    • attach a written request including  
      • deceased client details including TFN name and date of birth
      • executor or administrator details; name and current postal address
      • tax agent details; registered agent number, registered name
    • signature of authorised person and date of request
    • select Send.

    Due to legal restrictions not allowing us to provide the deceased person’s information to registered tax agents, the information package will be sent directly to the executor or administrator (that is, unless the tax agent has been appointed as the executor or administrator).

    Note: If the executor or administrator has not lodged a Notification of a deceased person and been added as an authorised contact on the deceased person’s record we will not have the authority to provide the requested information.

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