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  • Working with children check

    Many people working with children need to get a working with children check.

    When the cost of a working with children check is deductible

    When the cost of working with children check application is paid by an employee, the expense is deductible in the following situations – if:

    • the employee is an existing employee and is required to obtain a suitability notice in order to continue to earn assessable income in that position
    • a new employee has recently earned assessable income from being continuously employed within the field of child-related employment.

    Example 1: New teacher previously employed in child-related employment

    Freda receives most of her income in the child-related employment field. For a number of years she has worked at a number of schools as a teacher, employed under a series of temporary contracts. Her last contract ended in March 2018 and she is offered another contract at a different school in May 2018. In order for Freda to start this new contract, the principal of the school is now required to apply for a suitability notice for Freda. Freda pays the application fee.

    The cost of the notice is deductible to Freda. Although she is a new employee at this particular school, it is considered that she is continuously employed in the child-related employment field and the expense is necessary to her employment.

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    Example 2: Renewal of notice

    Adam is working as a head of middle school when his suitability notice expires. The principal applies for a renewal of the notice and Adam pays the application fee. Adam is entitled to a deduction. The expense is necessary to maintain his existing income stream.

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    When it is it not deductible

    The cost of getting the initial suitability notice for a new employee – who has not recently been continuously employed in the field of child-related employment – is not deductible.

    Example 3: Cleaner not previously in child-related employment

    Catriona was once employed as a cleaner in a school. However, for an extended period of time she has not worked in child-related employment and her suitability notice has expired. In June 2018 she is offered another position as a cleaner with a new school and the principal of the school applies for a suitability notice for her. Catriona pays the application fee.

    Catriona is not entitled to a deduction. Although she has previously been employed in the field of child-related employment the time elapsed since her last position and the fact that she has since had several jobs in other fields of employment removes the connection between the expense and her income. The notice is required to allow her to re-enter the field of child-related employment as a new employee, rather than to preserve the continuity of an existing income stream. The expense precedes the earning of assessable income from that field.

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