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  • Seminars, conferences and training courses

    You can claim the cost of attending seminars, conferences or training courses to maintain or increase the knowledge, capabilities or skills you need to earn your income in your current employment.

    The costs you can claim include fares to attend the venue where the seminar, conference or training course is held and registration costs. If you need to travel and stay away from home overnight to attend such an event, you can also claim the cost of accommodation and meals.

    If there is a non work-related component to attending the seminar, conference or training course, then you may not be able to claim all of your expenses.

    If there is an incidental component of attending the seminar, conference or training course that is not work-related, then you can still claim all of the expenses to attend. For example, catered lunches or a reception for delegates.

    If the main purpose is non work-related and the conference, seminar or training course is incidental (not the main purpose), you can only claim the direct costs.

    If attendance involves travel, you may need to show that you have reduced your claim to exclude the private part of any trip.

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