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  • Video transcript – Get your deductions right

    This transcript is for the video Deductions you can claim.

    If you are an employee you may be able to claim a tax deduction for some costs related to your job. But there are different rules depending on your job and what the costs were for.

    Our occupation guides will help you understand what you can and can't claim a deduction for.

    If you can claim a deduction for your costs you must also satisfy the following three rules:

    • you must have spent the money
    • it must be related to your job
    • you must have a record to prove it.

    Your records could include:

    • receipts
    • bank statements
    • diary entries.

    You can keep track of your deductions throughout the year using the ATO app. Download it now and make next year’s tax return even easier.

    Remember, claim the right amount – no more, no less.

    Next step:

    • Go to to find out what you can and can’t claim for your occupation or industry and use our calculators to make sure you get it right.
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