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  • Video transcript – Need to claim overnight work-related expenses?

    This transcript is for the video What you can claim.

    Did you know that if you are an employee and you spend money travelling for work and staying overnight, you may be able to claim a deduction for your costs?

    Your employer may pay you a travel allowance to help you cover the costs of meals, accommodation and other expenses.

    Each year, the ATO looks at travel costs and sets an amount of reasonable travel allowance.

    If your employer paid you up to the reasonable travel allowance then you might not have to include it in your income on your tax return.

    But because it’s not included in your income, you can’t claim a deduction and you don’t have to keep any records.

    However you can claim more than your travel allowance if:

    • you spent more than the allowance
    • you have a record to prove it.

    Your records should include:

    • invoices, receipts or other records showing your travel expenses, allowance details
    • the dates, places, times and duration of your travel activities.

    Remember, claim the right amount - no more, no less.

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