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  • Who can use this document?

    You can use this document if:

    • you are an individual taxpayer who is an Australian resident for tax purposes, and
    • you owned ordinary shares in AGL that were exchanged for New Alinta ordinary and New Alinta converting shares, and
    • your New Alinta converting shares were bought-back in exchange for ordinary shares in AGL Energy, and
    • you did not acquire your AGL shares under an employee share scheme, and
    • any gain or loss you would make on those shares would have been a capital gain or capital loss. This means that you held your shares as an investment asset and not:
      • as trading stock,
      • as part of carrying on a business, or
      • to make a short-term or one-off commercial gain.

    You use it only if you:

    • acquired your AGL shares before 20 September 1985 (that is, pre-CGT), and/or
    • choose scrip for scrip rollover for all your post-CGT AGL shares.

    You will not be eligible to choose scrip for scrip rollover (and cannot use this document) for any of your AGL post-CGT shares with a cost base of $19.25 or more (see below for how to work out your cost base)

    Most AGL shareholders will be able to use this document. However if your circumstances are different and/or you would like assistance, you should contact your tax adviser.

    What is the cost base of your AGL shares?

    Generally, the cost base is the price you paid to purchase each share plus any incidental costs you paid (ie brokerage). Your AGL share records (ie broker contract notes, DRP advices where applicable) should show you what the cost base of your shares is.

    For more information about working out the cost base of your shares, see the Guide to capital gains tax.

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