• Part D - using this information on your 2005 tax return

    Use this section to complete your 2005 tax return if you have a net capital loss for 2005 and no capital gains or capital losses from collectables such as works of art and antiques.

    Question 17 of TaxPack 2005Supplement - or question 9 of RetireesTaxPack 2005 - explains how to work out your overall capital gain or capital loss.

    Worksheet 5

    Capital loss from Worksheet 1, Worksheet 2, Worksheet 3 and other assets



    Unapplied net capital losses from previous years (for example, from AMP 2003 demerger)



    Add (a) and (b)



    Capital gain from Worksheet 2, Worksheet 3 and other assets



    If (c) is greater than or equal to (d), subtract (d) from (c). The amount at (e) is your net capital losses available for offset against capital gains in future years.

    If (c) is less than (d) leave (e) blank and refer to question 17 of TaxPack2005supplement or (question 9 of Retirees TaxPack).



    If there is an amount at (e) you must complete the capital gains question of the tax return as follows:

    At   G - print X in the Yes box

    At   A - write 0

    At   H - write the amount from (d) in Worksheet 5

    At   V - write the amount from (e) in Worksheet 5

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