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  • Tax Help program training

    This information is for Tax Help centres and Tax Help volunteers only.

    Each year we have about 800 volunteers help 30,000 taxpayers on low incomes lodge their tax return online with myTax in our local Tax Help centres.

    In this training guide

    About this training

    The ATO Tax Help training teaches you how to prepare and lodge a tax return using myTax. It's important to complete this training so you have the knowledge and tools to help Tax Help clients meet their tax obligations.

    The training will introduce you to:

    • the scope of the Tax Help program
    • tax topics.

    In this training:

    • we cover those topics you can help clients with as a Tax Help volunteer
    • if a topic is not mentioned, you as a Tax Help volunteer can't help with that topic
    • the links will take you to the topic on our website
    • we generally link to the myTax help files
    • read all of the information and watch any videos
    • the myTax help files refer to myTax 21, when available, links will be updated to myTax 22.

    Remember: this training covers tax topics you can help with as a Tax Help volunteer. If a topic is not mentioned, you as a Tax Help volunteer can't help with that topic.

    Help with your training

    Tax Help will help you with any concerns or questions during training. They will also give feedback on your progress as you complete each assessment.

    Planning your training

    The Tax Help training is comprehensive, the time needed to complete it will vary from person to person.

    Pace your training to complete it by the agreed date. Our suggestion would be to spread the training over a 3–4 week period. For example, you could spread your training hours as follows:

    • 6 hours per week over a 4 week period
    • 8 hours per week over a 3 week period.

    This is a guide only, you can adapt the time periods to suit your circumstances. You should however, complete the training modules in order.

    Take as much time as you need to ensure you have a good understanding of each topic.

    Remember to take regular rest breaks while you are completing your training.

    Getting the most from your training

    The answers to most questions your clients will ask, can be found on our website.


    Before becoming an accredited volunteer, you must complete the assessments.

    After you have completed reading the training pages, you can try the assessment. Assessments will be provided to you in a separate pack. You can complete the assessment on screen and save it to your computer. Once you have completed the assessment, forward it to Tax Help.

    Tax Help will tell you if you have and passed the assessments. They will also give you feedback and help if you are having trouble passing your assessment. If you need help when attempting the assessments, please phone Tax Help.


    Successful completion of each assessment counts towards your accreditation. Providing you have met all requirements you will be accredited as a Tax Help volunteer. The requirements are:

    • agreeing to and signing the Conditions of Participation
    • positive police check (new volunteers only)
    • successful completion of the assessments
    • attendance at myGov and myTax training sessions.

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