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  • Too many super accounts video transcript

    Too many super accounts can mean too many fees, but with myGov, you can view and combine your super accounts.

    This short video will show you how.

    People often get a new super account each time they change their job. Before you know it, you can build up a lot of smaller super accounts.

    But having just one account makes it easier to keep track of your super. And you won’t have to pay fees and charges for accounts you don’t need, which leaves you with more super to enjoy later in life.

    So, before you start a new job, think about whether you already have a super account you can use. If you’re not sure, you can check online using myGov.

    Log in to myGov, or create an account if you haven’t used it before, and link your account to the ATO.

    You’ll be able to see all your super accounts in the one place.

    And if you have more than one, you can transfer funds from one account to another and reduce the number of accounts you have.

    Once you’ve worked out which super account you prefer, you can take it with you if you start a new job. Remember to make sure your super fund has your tax file number and your current address.

    To find out more about creating a myGov account, and linking to the ATO, go to

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