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  • Resource 3: persuasive letter strategies visualiser

    This resource is for Years 3–4, Topic 6 – Improving my community, activity titled Our project – letter writing.

    Along with this accessible version, which you can either print or use online, we also have the same resource available as a PDF – Resource 3: persuasive letter strategies visualiser (PDF, 84KB)External Link.

    Some persuasive strategies:

    • Emotional language  
      • I know that you will agree that…
      • You would improve the welfare of all community members.
      • Community members would be as happy as the sunlight.
    • Exaggeration  
      • A service like this would be spectacular and special and make our community the best there is.
      • This service is needed by everyone.
      • You will be loved by all.
    • Questions (rhetorical)  
      • Wouldn’t you love to be the council that made a difference?
    • Short sentences  
      • Then please agree to our request.
      • It will make everyone happy!

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