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  • Self-help in myTax

    At times, preparing your tax return can be confusing, so we offer help within myTax which can be accessed via:

    • myTax help button which can be seen on the right-hand side or top of the screen depending on the device you are using
    • links within our screens to  
      • myTax help
      • other resources on the ATO's website.

    In myTax help, you will see help topics that:

    • are relevant to the screen you can see
    • are tailored to your personalisation selections
    • generally present information with common headings, such as  
      • Things to know – which covers  
        • important background that you should know before you start to complete that part of your tax return
      • Completing this section – which covers  
        • the documents and information that you might need
        • explanation of what may pre-fill your return
        • steps to complete that section of your return
    • include links to other pages on our ATO website that may provide further detail.

    Note: Help for myTax opens in a new tab of your browser. When you have finished in a topic, close the help tab or click the tab in your browser that contains your return to return to myTax.

      Last modified: 01 Jun 2021QC 65112