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  • Rental property video series

    If you own a rental property, or are thinking of buying one, this series of short videos will help you understand your record-keeping and tax obligations.

    Introduction to rental property and tax

    This video provides some tax tips on owning a rental property, including:

    • record keeping
    • what to declare as income
    • what to claim as deductions.

    Media: [Introduction to rental property and tax] Link (Duration: 02:07)

    Claiming depreciating assets

    This video explains depreciating assets and when you can claim them as a deduction for a rental property.

    Media: [Claiming depreciating assets] Link (Duration: 02:20)

    Claiming interest expenses

    This video explains how and when you can claim a deduction for the interest on your rental property.

    Media: [Claiming interest expenses] Link (Duration: 02:20)

    Co-owners of a rental property

    This video explains the rental income you must declare and the expenses you can claim if you co-own a rental property.

    Media: [Co-owners of a rental property] Link (Duration: 02:18)

    Getting repairs and capital works right

    This video explains what you need to know before claiming a deduction for repairs and improvements to your property.

    Media: [Getting repairs and capital works right] Link (Duration: 02:32)

    When can I claim a deduction for rental expenses

    This video explains when you can and can't claim a deduction for rental property expenses.

    Media: [When can I claim a deduction for rental expenses] Link(Duration: 03:07)

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