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  • Instructions for online employment forms

    You can complete and update your tax and super details for your employer using our online forms.

    On this page

    When we say employer, we mean the business or individual making payments to you. This applies even if you're not receiving payments for work or services – for example, a payer of a superannuation income stream or compensation payments.

    When to use the forms

    Use the online New employment and Employment details forms instead of these paper forms:

    • Tax file number declaration
    • Withholding declaration
    • Medicare levy variation declaration
    • Superannuation (super) standard choice.

    Before you start the forms

    Before completing the online form, ask your employer if they have their own electronic form.


    To complete our online forms, you need:

    • your employer's Australian business number (ABN) or withholding payer number (WPN) – for New employment only
    • your employment type – for example, full time, part time, casual.

    If completing your super details:

    • you need the details of the super fund you would like your super to be paid into, or
    • if you're choosing your employer's default super fund, you need that fund's  
      • name
      • unique superannuation identifier (USI)
      • ABN.

    How to get the online forms

    Sign in to myGov and go to your linked ATO online services. Select Employment from the menu.

    Then select either:

    • New employment – to complete your tax details and/or choose a super fund for a new employer, or
    • Employment details – to view and update your tax and/or super details with your current employer  
      • Your tax and super details for current and past employers provided to the ATO since September 2017 are shown in the Current tab. If you update your tax and super details for your current employer, your previous details will then show in the History tab.
      • If your current employer is not displayed or the Update button is not available, select New employment.
      • Tax and super details for past employers are shown for record purposes only.

    How to complete the forms

    We prefill some of your information and display questions that are applicable to your personal circumstances – for example, education loans.

    Personal details

    You can update your pre-filled residential address and contact details.

    If you unselect the tick box for Update my ATO profile, your details recorded with us will not be updated at the same time.

    Residency status

    Your residency status determines the amount of tax that will be withheld by your employer.

    If we have pre-selected your residency status and you believe it is incorrect, select your correct residency status.

    Tax withholding details

    Employers are required to withhold tax from payments they make to you by using the information you provide.

    For more information, refer to Paying tax on your income.

    Education loan withholding

    If your education loan details are not displayed, your loan was repaid when you lodged your last tax return. Completing this declaration will notify your employer you no longer have an education loan and they will stop the extra tax withheld from your pay.  

    For more information on types of loans and repayments, refer to Study and training support loans.

    Withholding amount

    You can increase the amount of tax withheld by your employer by a set amount or percentage rate above the standard withholding amount. You may do this when you expect to have a tax amount to pay at the end of the income year.

    The additional amount of tax withheld will commence after you give your employee tax and/or super details summary to your employer.

    To cease the additional withholding, you need to update your tax details using Employment details or New Employment and give the new summary to your employer.

    Refer to:

    Tax tables – for the standard amount required to be withheld by your employer.

    Tax withheld calculators – to help calculate the amount of tax you need to pay.

    Medicare levy variation

    In some circumstances, you can claim an exemption from the Medicare levy or vary the amount to be withheld.

    To determine if you are eligible, refer to:

    Super fund choice details

    Let your employer know the details of your super fund account so they can pay contributions into your chosen fund.

    Summary and declaration

    A summary of your tax and/or super details will be displayed. Use the Back button to correct any information.

    Tick the box to sign the declaration with the identification details you used to log in and select Finalise.

    To complete this process, print the summary and give it to your employer.

    Privacy of information

    We respect your privacy and only collect and disclose information, including your tax file number, as authorised by taxation law.

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