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    Progress of your tax return

    You can keep track of where your tax return is up to by clicking through to the ATO from myGov, or if you use a registered tax professional they can check on your behalf.

    We usually process tax returns lodged through myGov within two weeks. There is no need to phone us to check the progress of your tax return. If we need more information about your tax return while we are processing it, we will contact you.

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    If your refund is more than you expect

    If your taxable income is less than $126,000, you may get the low and middle income tax offset.

    The amount of the offset depends on your situation, such as your income level. The maximum offset is $1,080 per annum and the base amount is $255 per annum. An offset is not a refund and can only reduce the amount of tax you need to pay. The offset may cause a refund of tax that has already been withheld throughout the year.

    You don't need to do anything to claim the offset. Just lodge your tax return and we’ll work out what you’re entitled to. Any offset amount will be included in your notice of assessment.

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    If your refund is less than you expect

    You may find your tax assessment is different from what you expected to receive. Common reasons include:

    • the refund amount has been offset against another debt, either another tax debt (previous income tax bill, or activity statement debt), or another government agency debt (Centrelink or Child Support Agency)
    • compulsory payments, such as Higher Education Loan Program (HELP), Trade Support Loan (TSL), VET Student Loan (VSL) or Student Financial Supplement Scheme (SFSS) repayments
    • you need to pay Medicare levy surcharge because you stopped paying private patient hospital cover and your income is above a certain threshold
    • new or amended income tests
    • excess concessional contributions to a super fund
    • we reviewed your tax return as part of our compliance checking and adjustments have been made
    • your employer incorrectly reporting reportable employer superannuation contributions on your payment summary
    • tax was not withheld from a taxable payment (such as JobSeeker payments) and your total income for the year was more than the tax-free threshold
    • you incorrectly claimed the tax-free threshold.

    If you believe you have made a mistake you can either amend you tax return online (if lodged using myTax) or contact your tax agent.

    If you owe tax

    You may receive a tax bill if you:

    • are an employee and your employer hasn't withheld enough tax from the payments they made to you
    • are a sole trader and haven't paid enough tax to us throughout the year
    • receive other income where no tax was withheld.

    You can check your outstanding balance and when your payment is due by clicking through to the ATO from your myGov account.

    We understand that people sometimes have cash flow issues meaning they can’t pay their whole tax bill on time.

    If you haven't paid your tax bill by the due date, contact us early so we can help you deal with your debt. We have tools and services to support you including:

    • payment plans
    • interest deferrals
    • payment and lodgment deferrals.

    Phone us so on 13 11 42 so we can work with you to make sure the options we provide are suitable for your situation.

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