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  • Video transcript - Tax tip - Pre-filling service

    Now, when you’re doing your taxes this year, you’re probably a lot like me – just want to get them done and dusted. And that’s where the ATO’s pre-filling service can save you a heap of time.

    So, what’s this pre-filling? Well, you know when you’re booking something online, and it saves all the details for the next time, it’s pretty much like that. But it’s not just your address and telephone number, the ATO’s pre-filling service receives information needed for your return from providers like banks, super funds and Centrelink, and then pre-fills in some of your tax return for you.

    Not only will that save you time in completing your tax return, but it will also remind you about income to declare and deductions you can claim. It’s always good, though, to check the information that comes up through pre-filling, just to make sure everything is right.

    Now pre-filling can save you a fair amount of time and stress at tax time, which I think is something we all need. And remember you can check more of our tax tips, right here on YouTubeExternal Link.

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