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  • When to lodge your tax return

    Your tax return is due by 31 October each year.

    Tax returns cover the financial year, not the calendar year. The financial year begins on 1 July and ends on 30 June the following year. After the financial year ends, you have until 31 October to lodge your return (unless you use a tax agent).

    For example, you should have lodged your tax return for the financial year 1 July 2012 - 30 June 2013 by 31 October 2013.

    If you use a registered tax agent to prepare your tax return, you can usually lodge later than 31 October. See your registered tax agent before 31 October to qualify for their lodgment dates.

    If you can't lodge on time

    If you can't lodge your tax return by 31 October, or by your registered tax agent's lodgment date, you can ask us for an extension. You should not lodge your tax return if it is incomplete.

    Get it done  

    Phone us on 13 28 61 as soon as possible to find out if you can lodge at a later date.

    End of get it done

    We may apply a failure to lodge on time penalty if you lodge your tax return late: What if you don't lodge?

    End of danger

    Leaving Australia

    In some circumstances you can lodge your tax return before the end of the financial year. Generally, this can only be done if you are certain of your income and you are leaving the country permanently.

    Further information

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    Lodging your tax return early

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