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  • If you're lodging by paper

    If you're lodging a paper tax return, you need to complete both the Tax return for individuals and Tax return for individuals (supplementary section).

    There are three main steps to take:

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    Step 1: Report your BSWAT payment

    You need to report your BSWAT lump sum under item 24 (Other income) on the Tax return for individuals (supplementary section), as follows:

    • At item 24, in the box for Category 1, write 'BSWAT lump sum in arrears'.
    • At label Y, write the value of the taxable amount of your BSWAT payment (this is shown on your Centrelink PAYG payment summary). Do not show cents.
    • Do NOT write anything in the box for Category 2, Category 3 or labels X or V.
    • Do NOT write anything in label E or Z.

    The image below is a sample Centrelink PAYG payment summary. The Payment type and Taxable amount fields are important when completing BSWAT on a tax return.

     Centrelink PAYG payment summary

    The image below shows how this taxpayer would complete item 24, based on his Centrelink payment summary (above).

     Item 24 has been completed by writing 'BSWAT lump sum in arrears' in the Category 1 text field and writing 25024 in Category 1 number fields.

    Step 2: Attach your Attachment E: Important tax information

    The information in Attachment E is needed so we can calculate your lump sum payment in arrears tax offset.

    You need to:

    • photocopy Attachment E: Important tax information from your BSWAT letter of offer
    • you will see your name, address, customer reference number (CRN) and a place for your tax file number (TFN). You can find your TFN on your Centrelink PAYG payment summary.
    • next to TFN, write your tax file number.

    Attach the photocopy of Attachment E: Important tax information to page 3 of your tax return. Then, at the Taxpayer's declaration on page 10 of your tax return, write X in the Yes box for question 2.

    Step 3: Complete your tax return

    Fill in the rest of your tax return using the Individual tax return instructions booklet.

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