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  • Claiming your super early

    There are very limited circumstances when you can access your super early. These circumstances are mainly related to specific medical conditions or severe financial hardship.

    Be aware that some promoters claim to offer early access to your super by transferring your super into a self-managed super fund. These schemes are illegal and heavy penalties apply if you participate.

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    Accessing money in your fund

    Generally, you can access your super money when you retire or turn 65 (even if you haven't retired) subject to age-based restrictions. However there are some circumstances where you can access your super early such as severe financial hardship and specific medical conditions.

    If you meet certain criteria, you can apply for early release of your super funds on specified compassionate grounds. An example of when you may do this would be to make modifications to your home or vehicle in the case of a severe disability.

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    Accessing money we hold

    We administer what is collectively known as ATO-held super and may include:

    • unclaimed super money (USM)
    • superannuation holding accounts (SHA) special account
    • low income superannuation contributions (LISC)
    • low income superannuation tax offset (LISTO) from 1 July 2017
    • super co-contributions (co-cons).

    If you meet certain criteria, you can apply to us for a direct payment.

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