• Temporary residents leaving Australia

    Superannuation is money saved during your working life to fund retirement. If you have worked and earned super while you were visiting Australia on a temporary visa, you can apply to have this money paid to you as a Departing Australia Superannuation Payment (DASP).

    You will need to meet DASP requirements before applying for super to be paid to you. Super is paid at each quarter of the financial year, so check with your employer that all your super has been paid to you before submitting your claim.

    Watch the video below to find out how you can claim your super as a DASP:

    You can claim your super online or lodge a paper application.

    Online applications:

    • are free of charge
    • can be submitted through the DASP online application systemExternal Link for both super funds and ATO-held money.
    • will be verified and confirmed electronically with the Department of Immigration and Border Protection for your immigration and visa status.

    You can only submit a DASP claim after you have left Australia and your visa has ceased to be in effect (expired or cancelled). However, you can start your DASP application in Australia, while you still have all relevant information handy, save it and submit it after you leave.

    Take note of the information you entered in the DASP online application system, as you will need the same details to return to submit your saved application.

    Where your claim is A$ 5000 or more, your super fund will require certified copies of your proof of identification documents. It is much easier to certify documents in Australia, so check with your super fund and prepare the required documentations before you leave.

    Paper applications:

    For ATO-held money, use the appropriate form to be sent directly to the ATO.

    If it has been six months or more after you have left Australia and you have not claimed DASP, your super fund will transfer your super to us. You can still claim your DASP from us using the DASP online application systemExternal Link.

    More information about claiming DASP is available at ato.gov.au/departaustralia.

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