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  • Maximising your super

    To ensure you have the lifestyle you want in retirement, it is important that you manage your super across all your working life. It is a good idea however to check how you can maximise your super, at least 10-15 years before the age you hope to retire, so that you have time to make a difference to your final super amount.

    You should consider how much money you will need when you retire to enjoy a comfortable lifestyle. You can use the MoneySmart retirement plannerExternal Link to work out what your retirement income could be and the small changes you can make to build your super.

    Keep track of your super and check that you're receiving all the super you're entitled to from your employers. You can estimate how much super guarantee your employer/s should have paid for you by using the estimate my super tool. If you believe an employer has not paid enough, you can report them using our report unpaid super contributions from my employer tool to let us know.

    As you approach your retirement, there are important things you need to consider to maximise your super. For example, you need to be aware of tax implications for personal contributions, or the limit on the total amount of superannuation that can be transferred into the retirement phase.

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