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  • How much you can contribute

    You can make a downsizer contribution up to a maximum of $300,000 (each spouse), but the contribution amount can't be greater than the total proceeds from the sale of your home.

    Example: contribution of maximum amount

    A couple, George and Jane, sell their home for $800,000. Each spouse can contribute up to $300,000.

    Example: contributions cannot exceed the total sale price

    A couple, Bruce and Betty, sell their home for $400,000. The maximum contribution both can make cannot exceed $400,000 in total. This means they can choose to contribute half ($200,000) each, or split it – for example, $300,000 for Betty and $100,000 for Bruce.

    Example: when a property is owned by one spouse

    A couple, John and Fatima, sell their home for $600,000. Only John is on the title. Both John and Fatima meet all the other requirements, therefore both John and Fatima can make a downsizer contribution of up to $300,000 each.

    Example: sale of home and listed share portfolio

    Alisha has a portfolio of listed shares worth $150,000. She sells her home for $500,000. As Alisha meets all the other requirements, she can make a downsizer contribution of up to a maximum of $300,000 using a combination of her shares and cash.

    Example: selling part of the equity in a property

    Robert and Wendy decide to sell part of their home’s equity, allowing them to continue living in the home.

    Their home is currently worth $500,000, they sell 20% of the home’s equity, which is $100,000. They can make a Downsizer contribution of up to $100,000 between them. If they decide to sell more of the ownership interest in the property in the future, they will not meet the eligibility as they can only access the scheme in relation to one disposal of an ownership interest in the relevant home.

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