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  • Calculating your LISC

    Before calculating your LISC, read about the income tests and how they affect you.

    You can then work out your LISC using our online calculator or calculate your LISC manually.

    Manually calculating your LISC

    To manually calculate your LISC, work out your concessional super contributions for a financial year and multiply by 0.15, rounding to the nearest cent.

    The maximum payment you can receive for a financial year is $500 and the minimum is $10 – but if you're eligible for less than $10, we will round this up to $10.

    Example: Manually calculating a LISC

    Simon earns $32,000 in the 2012–13 financial year and meets all other LISC eligibility criteria. Simon's employer makes a super guarantee contribution of $2,880 into his super fund. Simon also salary sacrifices $300 to super.

    His total concessional contributions for 2012–13 are $3,180 ($2,880 + $300).

    Simon will receive a LISC of $477 ($3,180 × 0.15) which will be paid into his super fund.

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