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  • How to get your LISTO

    You do not need to do anything specifically to get the LISTO.

    If you lodge a tax return, your LISTO will be paid directly to your super fund account when we have processed your tax return and received information from your super fund about your super contributions.

    If you do not lodge a tax return, we will work out your eligibility using contributions information from your super fund, in addition to other information we collect.

    Because we will pay the LISTO directly into your super fund, you need to make sure your super fund has your TFN. Without your TFN, your super fund cannot accept a LISTO payment.

    Check whether your fund has your TFN by looking at your member statement to see if it has been quoted. If it hasn't been quoted, contact your fund and provide it to them.

    If you've reached your ‘preservation age’ and are retired, you can apply to have your LISTO paid directly to you. To request a direct payment, you can:

    Find out about:

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