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  • Online services – super for individuals

    You can manage your super using our online services for individuals.

    On this page

    What you can do and see in ATO online

    You can now:

    • view your super fund accounts and balances, and amounts held by us
    • find lost and ATO-held super and consolidate your accounts
    • see the amounts your employer has contributed to your super
    • view your total super balance
    • use the YourSuper comparison tool to compare MySuper products and choose a super fund that meets your needs
    • view non-concessional contributions and bring forward information
    • view your concessional contributions and carry forward concessional contributions' information
    • view transfer balance cap (TBC) details and enabling associated elections
    • elect to release money from super to pay for liabilities such as Division 293, and excess contribution tax
    • apply for First home super saver (FHSS) scheme and see information about your account and application
    • apply to access some of your super early (in limited circumstances).

    Viewing your super accounts

    We provide an online view of all your super accounts that have:

    • been reported for you by your super fund, retirement savings account (RSA) or self-managed super fund
    • super money we hold for you that was paid to us by a fund, employer or the government as required by law – if we can't find an account to transfer the money to, we display it as ATO-held super.

    Reported accounts

    You can see details of all of your super accounts that were reported to us in the last year or so. These include:

    • open accounts – flagged with a 'yes' indicator if they have received a super contribution in the last 6 months
    • closed accounts – accounts that were closed on or after 1 July 2018
    • inactive accounts that have not received a super contribution in the last 6 months or more
    • any accounts considered 'lost', because the super fund is not able to contact you – flagged with advice to consider contacting your super fund
    • pension accounts
    • any ATO-held super.

    You should be able to see details of a newly opened account soon after it opens, provided the super fund has reported it to us.

    Note: account balances displayed reflect the most recent reported information provided by your super fund. To obtain the actual super balance – you need to check with your super fund.

    Self-managed super funds

    If you are a member of a Self-managed super fund (SMSF), your SMSF account information will not be displayed if the SMSF:

    • does not have a compliance status of ‘Complying' or ‘Registered’
    • has an outstanding SMSF annual return (SAR)
    • has not reported the SMSF's Australian business number (ABN) or the ABN was reported incorrectly on the last lodged SAR
    • has not correctly added your membership through the Australian Business Register (ABR).

    In these instances, check with your fund's authorised contact as they may be able to provide further information.

    Super fund name

    Our online services display the name of your superannuation product that has been reported to us by your super fund.

    Two accounts for the same fund

    We display your super accounts as they are reported to us by your super fund.

    There may be 2 accounts because you may have 2 separate accounts within your super fund.

    We have not split your account information. Your super fund may be able to provide you with further information.

    Accounts not shown

    Some super fund accounts may not display online due to:

    • accounts being previously claimed or transferred
    • member account details not being reported by super funds
    • us being unable to match the account details that have been provided by your super fund.

    Your super fund may be able to provide you with further information.

    Your account balances

    Our online services show information reported to us by your super fund. However, it is not reported in 'real-time', so it may not reflect your actual super account balance. Sometimes super funds do not report an account balance.

    There are some things you should be aware of:

    • Your account balance may not match the balance on your last statement as the information is not reported instantly to us. Check the report date next to the balance – your fund may have issued a member statement after they reported to us.
    • If you are expecting a transfer of ATO-held super and it is not shown in your balance, it may be because your fund does not accept ATO-held super. You should check with your fund. You can nominate a different fund.
    • If you are a member of a defined benefit super scheme, your account balance reported to us may vary from scheme to scheme. Refer to your member statement for details.
    • For Commonwealth public service defined benefit schemes – including CSS and PSS – your account balance will show the preserved benefit (accumulated contributions and earnings) at 30 June.

    Your super fund may be able to provide you with further information.

    Exceptions to what individuals will see

    There are a number of exceptions that mean the information may not be available:

    • SMSFs don't report their super information as regularly as APRA-regulated (large) funds yet. Individuals should check with their SMSF about their current balance.
    • Defined benefit funds and some public sector superannuation schemes report differently. Individuals will only see information from the latest annual reporting date.

    YourSuper comparison tool

    The YourSuper comparison tool will help you compare MySuper products and choose a super fund that meets your needs. Accessing the personalised version of the tool in ATO online allows you to view and compare your existing MySuper products alongside MySuper products from other super funds.

    Things to consider before transferring

    Putting all your super in one account means you only pay one set of account fees and charges. It also makes it easier to keep track of your super.

    Check with both super funds, particularly the account that is being transferred, so you are aware of any fees or charges that apply, any loss of entitlements (for example, life insurance) or any other information about the effect this transfer may have on your super benefits.

    Transferring your benefits will not change the fund your employer pays your contributions to. Speak to your employer about whether you can choose the fund they make your employer contributions to.

    Transferring benefits out of a fund may close that account. There are some important factors to consider before transferring your super:

    • Differences in fees can make a big difference to the amount you have when you retire.
    • The fund you want to leave could charge administrative fees and exit or withdrawal fees.
    • The fund you want to transfer to may charge entry or deposit fees.
    • The fund you want to leave may insure you against death, illness or an accident that leaves you unable to return to work. If you leave this fund, you may lose these entitlements – check if the other fund offers comparable cover. Our online services will flag any super account that has insurance included, with a 'Yes' indicator.
    • The fund you want to transfer to may not accept transfers of ATO-held or super fund-held money – check before starting your transfer.
    • There are no fees or charges for transferring ATO-held super money into a super fund account.

    If you are unsure what to do, seek independent financial advice or contact your super fund.

    Consult the super fund receiving the super to ensure they accept transfers of benefits.

    Transferring your super

    You can transfer any of your super accounts to a super fund of your choice.

    A separate electronic request is sent to each transferring super fund. They generally take 3 days to send your request electronically to your nominated super fund.

    Some super funds may contact you to verify the information provided or to seek further information before processing the request for transfer.

    You can only transfer a full super account balance from one super fund to another using our online services. Partial transfers can't be done online.

    If you wish to transfer a part of your super account balance from one super fund to another, contact the super fund you wish to transfer money from.

    Some transfers may not be possible

    Some super fund accounts may not allow the transfer of super. Our online services (see, Using ATO online services) only display accounts in the 'Transfer your super' section you can transfer super into or out of – based on the type of account and the details reported by your super fund:

    • If the account you wish to select as the 'From' account does not appear, the super fund does not allow outward transfers.
    • If the account you wish to select as the 'To' account does not appear, the super fund does not accept inward transfers.
    • If the account was recently opened and has not reported to us, it may not appear.
    • If the super benefit was already rolled out or a transfer request was made within 12 months of the current request, a transfer may not be possible.

    Contact your super fund for further information.

    For more general information, see Super.

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