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  • Making a payment

    Use the payment reference details to make a payment. This ensures that the amount is applied to the correct sub-accounts (for example, co-contribution recovery).

    If you don’t use the payment reference details, we will allocate the amount to one of your debts according to a payment hierarchy; this may not be the debt you wanted to pay. If your payment results in a credit on one of your sub-accounts we do not automatically use this credit to pay a debt on another sub-account.

    Methods of payment

    When you make a payment to us, you can pay by BPAY or electronic funds transfer (EFT).

    You need to specify which sub-accounts you are paying by using the payment reference details below. If you don’t, we will allocate the amount to one of your debts according to a payment hierarchy and this may not include the debt you wanted to pay.

    BPAY details for Unclaimed Super Money

    Biller code


    Customer reference number

    123 00123 456 789 1234

    Return payment details for Unclaimed Super Money

    Return payment EFT code

    123 00123 456 789 1234

    BSB number

    093 003

    Account number


    Account name

    ATO deposits trust

    See also:

    General interest charge (GIC)

    The general interest charge (GIC) only applies to certain unpaid superannuation debts. If GIC has been applied, details are included in the transactions list on your SOA, for the relevant role.

    Where any amount is not paid by the due date, GIC accrues on the outstanding balance until the entire amount has been paid. Interest is calculated on a daily compounding basis. GIC is currently imposed at a rate of 9.63% per annum (reviewed every three months). The GIC is tax deductible in the year that it is incurred.

    You can request remission of GIC. We may remit the GIC if satisfied that the delay was due to circumstances beyond your control and you took reasonable steps to lessen the effects of those circumstances. We may also remit GIC in other circumstances where this would be fair and reasonable.

    Interest credited to your superannuation holding account (SHA) special account in this statement period, if payable, is only paid on the first $1,200.

    First home saver account (FHSA) government contributions, and any interest on these contributions, are not included as income on your tax return.

    Protecting your privacy

    If you phone us, we need to know we're talking to the correct person before providing account information. We will ask you for details only you, or your authorised representative, would know. It will be helpful if you have your tax file number (TFN) or Australian business number (ABN) ready when you phone us.

    Having trouble paying?

    If you're having difficulty making your payment by the due date, phone us on 13 28 61 for individuals or 13 28 66 for business to discuss options.

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