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  • Personal contributions

    Personal contributions count towards your non-concessional contributions cap except to the extent you are allowed a personal super deduction in your income tax return for that year.

    Personal contributions are generally contributions you have made directly to your super fund. They sometimes include contributions another entity has paid on your behalf – for example, amounts your employer pays to your super fund from your after-tax pay rather than paying the amount to you.

    Personal contributions also include capital gains or capital proceeds and personal injury payments for which you do not validly claim an exclusion from your non-concessional contributions – for example, you did not submit an election in the approved form.

    Any FHSA amounts you contribute are treated as personal contributions.

    If you have an SMSF, any payments you make on behalf of the fund will also be included in your personal contributions.

    Example: Personal contributions

    Barbara has an SMSF with three other family members. She made a personal contribution of $150,000 and also personally paid the super fund's accounting fees of $7,500. This is treated as a personal contribution. Therefore, Barbara's fund must include this amount in the personal contributions it reports for her for that financial year (a total of $157,500).

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