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  • Illegal early release of super

    Accessing your super early unless you meet a condition of release is illegal.

    Generally, you can only access your super when you reach preservation age and stop working.

    There are limited circumstances where you can legally access your super early. These include specific medical conditions or if you are experiencing severe financial hardship. Super laws provide specific rules for when you can access your super. These are called conditions of release.

    Beware of people promoting early release of super schemes. They might tell you they can help you access your super to pay off credit card debt, buy a house or car, or go on a holiday. These schemes are illegal.

    Illegal schemes will cost you a lot more than the super you access and may get you into trouble.

    If you are approached by someone about a scheme, contact us on 13 10 20 immediately to seek advice and ensure your super is protected.

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