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  • How to use the online TFN registration – permanent migrants and temporary visitors

    The online tax file number (TFN) application is the fastest and easiest way to apply for a TFN.

    Apply for a TFN online at Link

    Note: If this application is temporarily unavailable, you will see a 'Site under maintenance' message. We recommend you try again later.

    Steps to complete your online application

    Step 1: Prepare your information

    You will need the following information when you apply:

    • passport or travel document number
    • country of origin of your passport or travel document (the nationality country on your visa)
    • names (exactly as they are printed on your passport or travel document)
    • any other names you use or are known by
    • date of birth (exactly as printed on your passport or travel document)
    • spouse details
    • existing TFN, Australian business number (ABN) or Centrelink Customer Reference Number (CRN)
    • residential and postal addresses (your postal address must be in Australia)
    • contact details (phone number and email address).

    Step 2: Complete the application

    Each screen contains information and questions you need to complete. To move between each screen, complete the questions. Then use the navigation button at the bottom of each screen to go to the Next screen or back to the Previous screen.

    You can select Help in the green banner at the top of each screen for further instructions on how to complete the application fields.

    To start the online applicationExternal Link:

    • read the first two pages
    • select Next at the bottom of each screen – you will then be taken to the Travel documentation details screen.

    Travel documentation details screen

    Provide your:

    • passport or travel document number
    • passport country of origin (this must match the nationality country on your visa).

    Individual auto-registration screen – travel documentation detailsExample of travel documentation details screen. This asks for your: passport or travel document number, its country of origin, and have you ever visited Australia before - yes or no.

    Personal details screen

    Provide your:

    • name (this must match your passport or travel documents)
    • date of birth (this must match your passport or travel documents)
    • gender
    • spouse details.

    Existing TFN, ABN or CRN information screen

    Tell us if you:

    • have previously applied for or have a TFN or ABN in your name
    • have previously lodged a tax return in Australia
    • own property or have business interests in Australia
    • are a Services Australia customer and have authorised Centrelink to receive your TFN from the ATO.

    Address details screen

    Provide your:

    • Australian postal address (this is where your TFN notification letter will be sent)
    • current home address (this cannot be a post office box number).

    Note: Make sure you use the correct format for the address you are entering. If you are entering the address of a unit, place the unit number before the slash, and the building number after the slash.

    We may use these address details to contact you as well as send notices and correspondence about your taxation affairs.

    Contact details screen

    Provide your:

    • phone number (this can be a mobile number)
    • email address.

    We may use these details to contact you as well as send notices and correspondence about your taxation affairs.

    Note: You can also provide details of another person we may contact for further information about your application.

    Declaration screen

    Before submitting your application:

    • confirm the information in your application is true and correct
    • make sure you read the information on this screen. Select the Submit button to finish your application. This will take you to the Transaction complete screen.

    Step 3: Keep a record of your reference number

    When your application is submitted, you will receive an application reference number on the Transaction complete screen. Write down this number as it is important for keeping track of your application.

    Individual auto-registration screen – transaction completeExample of reference number as shown on the transaction complete screen. This says 'Transaction complete' and provides your application reference number. It says to keep a record of this number to keep track of your application. If you have not received your TFN within 28 days, phone us on 132861 between 8am and 6pm Monday to Friday. Have your application reference number with you. You will receive a letter confirming your TFN once we have processed your application.

    How you will be notified of your TFN

    Once we have processed your application, we will send a TFN notification letter to the Australian postal address you have provided.

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