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  • Hospitality industry employees




    This information may not apply to the current year. Check the content carefully to ensure it is applicable to your circumstances.

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    This guide, Hospitality industry employees 2013-14, is a simple summary of Taxation Ruling TR 95/11Income tax: hospitality industry employees – allowances, reimbursements and work-related deductions. The Taxation Ruling provides information on tax deductions specifically for hospitality industry employees.

    This guide will help you work out what deductions you can claim. It:

    • looks at the common expenses you might incur as a hospitality industry employee
    • explains the claims you can and cannot make
    • includes information about some changes to the tax laws that have occurred since the ruling was issued, for example, capital allowances.

    Use the Individual tax return instructions with this guide to get your deduction claims right.

    Remember, when you sign your tax return, you are declaring that:

    • everything you have told us is true, and
    • you have or can get the written evidence you need to prove your claims.

    You are responsible for this proof even when you use a registered tax agent.

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    Who is a hospitality employee?

    Hospitality employees are chefs (and other cooks), waiters and bartenders. Every reference in this guide to the term 'waiter' includes both men and women.

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