Individual tax return

TaxPack 2005

TaxPack (supplementary section) 2005

TaxPack 2005 for retirees

Other forms and schedules

Baby bonus instructions and claim 2004-05
Use this form to claim the baby bonus if you gave birth to a baby or gained legal responsibility of a child aged under 5 (for example, through adoption) on or after 1 July 2001 and prior to 1 July 2004.

Business and professional items schedule 2004-05
This guide is to help you to complete the Business and professional items schedule.

Capital allowances schedule 2004-05 and instructions
If you have claimed a deduction for decline in value, you may need to complete a capital allowances schedule for 2005.

Dividend and interest schedule 2004-05
This schedule forms part of the company tax return for companies reporting dividend and interest payments paid or credited in the year ending 30 June 2005.

Non-lodgment advice 2004-05
Complete this form if you consider that you do not need to lodge a tax return.

Refund of franking credits for individuals 2004-05 - application form
Use this form to claim a refund of franking credits if you are an Australian resident individual and do not need to lodge an income tax return.

Timor Sea Treaty Joint Petroleum Development Area instructions 2004-05
These instructions should be used by an individual who has earned income during 2004-05 for performing work or services in the Joint Petroleum Development Area (JPDA) as defined in the Timor Sea Treaty.

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