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  • Protect yourself at tax time

    Your personal information is an important part of your identity. Keep information such as your date of birth, tax file number, bank accounts, identity documents, usernames and passwords safe. Criminals can use information like this to steal your identity and fraudulently access your tax or super accounts.

    Watch out for strange phone calls, messages or emails requesting you provide personal information. Scammers often pretend to be from trusted organisations like the ATO to trick you into providing money or personal information.

    We will never:

    • send unsolicited pre-recorded messages to your phone
    • ask you to provide your personal identifying information in order to receive a refund
    • send you an email or text message with a hyperlink directing you to a log on page to access myGov or myTax
    • suspend your TFN or request you pay a fine to release your TFN
    • threaten you with immediate arrest over a debt, or insist you stay on the line until a debt is paid.

    If you are ever unsure whether you're dealing with the real ATO, don't reply. You can contact us to verify or report a scam.

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      Last modified: 09 Sep 2022QC 62802