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  • Keeping taxpayer information secure

    Protecting confidentiality is critical for the integrity of Australia’s tax and super systems, and in maintaining community confidence in our administration of those systems.

    Today, swift action was taken, in the execution of a search warrant against an individual in Adelaide, to secure information which we believe was obtained contrary to our secrecy obligations. The Commissioner is committed to doing everything possible to secure taxpayer information, and will pursue cases where taxpayer confidentiality has been compromised.

    We comply with the Privacy Act 1988, and the secrecy provisions in the Taxation Administration Act 1953. These provisions protect information about all taxpayers, whether they are individuals or other kinds of taxpayers such as companies.

    We take these obligations extremely seriously, and have strong systems and processes in place to identify any misuse of taxpayer information. We use an extensive range of physical and technological controls to ensure that only staff who need access to taxpayer information are able to access it. We also apply industry best-practice security methods.

    The Australian community can be assured that the ATO treats the confidentiality of their information with the utmost importance. In instances where we believe there has been a breach of taxpayer confidentiality and the law, we take every possible step to secure the information. This includes leveraging partnerships with law enforcement partners.

    This is now an ongoing investigation so we will not be making further comment at this time. To view the ATO’s privacy policy, visit

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