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  • One thousand volunteers to offer help this tax time

    Around Australia the ATO has opened the doors to its Tax Help centres.

    Assistant Commissioner Graham Whyte said almost 1,000 volunteers from 700 community centres across Australia will be supporting people who need assistance completing their tax returns this year.

    “We know that for many Australians the thought of doing their own tax return might seem a little bit daunting, that’s why we have Tax Help.”

    “Tax Help is a free and confidential service provided by ATO-trained and accredited local volunteers. Last year over 50,000 people received assistance from our Tax Help volunteers,” Mr Whyte said.

    “Tax Help volunteers can help you complete a simple tax return with myTax, claim a refund of franking credits or notify the ATO if you don’t need to lodge a tax return at all. Our volunteers will also use your myGov account to lodge online where possible.”

    Mr Whyte said people earning less than $50,000 each year and with straightforward tax affairs are eligible to use the Tax Help service.

    “Tax Help caters for people from all different backgrounds. There are also several centres dedicated to assisting people new to Australia.”

    Mr Whyte also encouraged people with straightforward tax affairs to try out myTax themselves before heading to their closest Tax Help centre.

    “Tax Help is a great service, but if you haven’t tried myTax before, why not give it a shot on your own before making an appointment.”

    “The great thing about myTax is that it only asks the questions that are relevant to you, and also it pre-fills all your information. Which means all you have to do is double check your information; input any deductions and then hit submit.”

    Tax Help is available each year until 31 October. To find out if you are eligible, go to or phone 13 28 61 to make an appointment at your nearest Tax Help centre.

    To create a myGov account, go to Link

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