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  • Tax time at the touch of a finger

    With 1 July only days away, the ATO has announced an expanded range of online services that makes tax time quicker and easier for more Australians lodging their own tax return.

    Assistant Commissioner Graham Whyte said eligibility for the ATO’s streamlined tax return myTax has been expanded, with two million Australians expected to lodge using the service in 2015.

    “The launch of myTax last year was a massive step ahead for us in terms of making lodgment quicker and easier for the everyday punter,” Mr Whyte said.

    “This year, myTax has been expanded and is available to people with income, tax offsets or deductions from superannuation pensions, lump sum payments, managed investment funds and foreign pensions.

    “People can lodge using myTax through myGov, from their iPhone, tablet or computer.”

    Lodging your tax return is just one of the many online services that Australians can access by linking their myGov account to the ATO.

    “You can do a whole range of other things while you’re logged into myGov, from tracking the progress of your return and viewing higher education loan balances through to finding and managing your super,” Mr Whyte said.

    “Starting this year you can also make amendments to your 2015 return, claim a refund of franking credits or complete a non-lodgment advice form if you don’t need to lodge a tax return, which in previous years you could only do by paper.”

    Mr Whyte said another change people will see this year is a digital notice of assessment and tax receipt delivered to their myGov inbox.

    “We know that for a lot of people the days of the filing cabinet are over, and it’s far more convenient to have electronic copies of personal documents,” Mr Whyte said.

    “For the first time ever, people who lodge online with the ATO (via myTax or e-tax) will get their notice of assessment and tax receipt sent direct to their myGov inbox instead of via snail mail.

    “This will make it easier for them to do their tax return next year, as they’ll have the relevant information at their fingertips without having to turn the house upside down looking for paper copies.”

    People will receive electronic copies in their myGov inbox once the ATO has processed their return. On average, it takes the ATO 12 days to process an online return.

    “So if you haven’t already, sign-up to myGov, link your account with the ATO and look forward to a quicker and easier tax time in 2015.”

    More information

    The Australian Taxation Office has a package of information available to the community and media this tax time:

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