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  • Young women leading the way in finding lost super

    Women between 25 and 35 have been the most active so far this financial year in finding their lost and unclaimed super, accounting for more than one in five of all Australians who took action to manage their super. Overall, almost 190,000 people have found, transferred and consolidated more than $1.8 billion between 1 July 2017 and 31 January 2018.

    Assistant Commissioner Debbie Rawlings said that while many people are now taking advantage of how easy it is to find and consolidate multiple super accounts through their myGov account, there are still billions in super waiting to be claimed.

    “It’s great to see young women leading the way in gaining control of their super, and it’s great that almost $2 billion has been consolidated so far this financial year, but that still only accounts for around 10% of all lost and unclaimed super,” Ms Rawlings said.

    “The easiest way to find lost or unclaimed super, or combine your accounts, is by using ATO online services through myGov. About five minutes and a couple of clicks is all it takes, and it could save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars.”

    Ms Rawlings said the average amount consolidated per person this financial year is almost $10,000.

    “Employers have been paying Super Guarantee for over 25 years now, so we are talking about some significant sums, and we know that there are still more than twice as many super accounts as account holders.”

    For those new to myGov, once you have linked your myGov account to ATO online services, you will be able to view all your super accounts, including any that have been lost or forgotten. You can also choose to transfer or claim your super online if you are eligible.

    Ms Rawlings said while the number of people with multiple accounts has been falling, there are still almost 2.3 million Australians with three or more super accounts.

    “Some people might choose to have more than one super account, but many Australians are still not aware that they have multiple accounts and may have lost track of accounts from previous jobs or previous addresses” Ms Rawlings said.

    “If you have multiple super accounts with small amounts, there could be significant savings in fees and charges if you consolidate them.

    “If you’re not sure whether you should consolidate your accounts, check with your super fund who can advise you on issues such as insurance that may be attached to your accounts.”

    More information:

    To find out how to manage your super and view all your super accounts, including lost and unclaimed super accounts, visit or Link

    For the full list of consolidations this financial year by age and gender, see the chart below.

    Number of account holders who consolidated accounts between 1 Jul 2017 – 31 Jan 2018

    Age Group



    Under 18





















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