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  • Changes to the JobKeeper Payment

     21 August 2020

    The JobKeeper Payment has helped businesses and not-for-profits affected by COVID-19.

    We have issued over $35 billion in payments to assist 3.5 million individuals and 988,000 businesses.

    Changes to the JobKeeper Payment now make it easier for organisations to qualify.

    The new rules are effective from 3 August 2020.

    You can now assess your employees’ eligibility for the JobKeeper Payment using the 1 July eligibility test.

    Employees can now be nominated by new employers if their employment has changed since the JobKeeper Payment began. However, they can still only be nominated by one employer at any given time.

    You must apply by 31 August 2020 under this test to receive payment for JobKeeper fortnights commencing on 3 and 17 August 2020. Employers have until 31 August 2020 to meet the wage condition for new eligible employees under the 1 July eligibility test.

    Eligible businesses and not-for-profits can still enrol at any time until the program closes.

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