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  • Claim now for JobMaker Hiring Credit payments

    15 September 2021

    Eligible employers have until 31 October to claim payments for the third JobMaker Hiring Credit period.

    To claim you need to:

    • Register before 6 October 2021 through ATO online services, Online services for business or your registered tax or BAS agent.
    • Nominate your additional eligible employees by running payroll events through your Single Touch Payroll-enabled software.
    • Claim your payments – enter your headcount and payroll information for the JobMaker period, and we'll calculate your claim amount based on the information you provide.

    If you're already participating in the scheme, check you still meet eligibility criteria before claiming for this period.

    The fourth JobMaker claim period opens on 1 November 2021.

    We have resources available to help you claim the JobMaker Hiring Credit, including a guide, a list of key dates and a payment estimator tool.

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