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  • Electronic FBT employee declarations make 'cents'

    9 May 2018

    There's nothing worse than sorting paperwork – if only you could have more of those records electronically and save a little on the paper shuffle.

    Well, you can!

    Instead of chasing your 'paper-tail', have your employees send you their declaration of the fringe benefits they have received electronically.

    This means your employee could use, for example, a password protected work email address, payroll system, home email address or software to send you their signed declaration, without using snail mail or having to fill your in-tray.

    The declarations must:

    • be signed by the employee using an electronic signature
    • be provided using a secure system that clearly identifies the employee
    • indicate their approval of the information.

    A secure system could be a system that requires a personal identification number, access code or password to use.

    Remember to get all your employee declarations no later than the day your fringe benefits tax (FBT) return is due to be lodged, usually 21 May. Even if you don't have to lodge a return, you must have the employee declarations by 21 May.

    While you don't have to send us the declarations, you must retain these as part of your business records.

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