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  • Employ ease when hiring employees


    12 July 2019

    If you've reached the stage where you need to hire extra help, it means your business is growing, and that's great news. However, taking on an employee comes with requirements that you may not have considered.

    Before your employee starts working for you, you'll need to:

    • provide them with a Tax file number declaration form
    • register for pay as you go (PAYG) withholding so you can withhold tax from their wages
    • work out if they're entitled to super guarantee and if they're eligible to choose a super fund
    • consider if any benefits you're providing, including salary sacrifice arrangements, attract fringe benefits tax (FBT).

    If your employee has a myGov account that they've linked to ATO online services, they can now complete some of their employee commencement forms including the Tax file number declaration and super Standard choice form online.

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