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  • Employee or contractor myths - short-term work


    7 March 2016

    With Easter approaching you may be looking at hiring extra workers. Be sure to avoid myths that can leave you exposed to problems for your business.

    Even if you’re hiring someone for a few hours or a couple of days at a time, you need to work out whether they’re employees or contractors to get their tax and super requirements right.

    Both employees and contractors can be hired for:

    • casual, temporary, on call and infrequent work
    • busy periods
    • short jobs, specific tasks and projects.

    So how do you work it out?

    An easy way to get an answer that you can rely on is by using our employee/contractor decision tool. The tool will tell you if your worker is an employee or contractor and you’ll be clear on your tax and super responsibilities for them.

    You can also register for our free Employee or contractor webinar to help you understand your working arrangements in more detail.

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