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  • FBT taxi exemption extended to ride-sourcing

    14 July 2020

    The fringe benefits tax (FBT) taxi travel exemption now includes travel in ride-sourcing vehicles.

    This means you'll be eligible for the exemption for travel provided to your employees in a single trip to or from the workplace:

    • on or after 1 April 2019
    • in a licenced taxi or or other vehicle (other than a limousine) involving the transport of passengers for a fare - such as a ride-sourcing vehicle.

    Remember, you may also be eligible for the FBT taxi travel exemption where the travel is in relation to the sickness or injury of an employee.

    As the changes apply from 1 April 2019, we've updated the 2020 FBT return instructions if you need to amend your FBT return.

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