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  • Getting employees on board for the holiday rush?

    10 November 2022

    Hiring additional employees to help with surging end-of-year demand? The New employment form, accessed through ATO online services, will help reduce your administration. 

    It's an easy way for your employees to provide you and us with the information we need. If your new employee has a myGov account linked to the ATO, once signed in they can:

    • access ATO online services
    • go to the ‘Employment’ menu
    • select ‘New employment’ and complete the form.

    Your employees will need your ABN to complete the form. When they submit the form, their tax file number (TFN) declaration details are sent straight to us, so you don’t need to do this. The form will then enable them to print and give you the summary of their tax details. You'll need the summary so you can input the data into your system.

    The New employment form can also be used to collect a range of information. For example, employees can use it to authorise variations to the amount you withhold from their pay for tax or the Medicare levy, or to advise you of their choice of super fund. They can also use it to update their tax circumstances with you, for example, if:

    • their residency status has changed
    • they no longer have a government study and training loan
    • they are claiming the tax-free threshold from a different employer.

    The downloadable version of the TFN declaration form will be removed by the end of this year. See How to get this form.

    Remember, your tax professional can help you with your tax.

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