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  • Hiring a working holiday maker?

    18 February 2020

    Is your new employee a working holiday maker? Here's what you need to do:

    1. Register - complete our Working holiday maker employer registration form online before you make your first payment to them.

    2. Check visa - confirm your worker has a valid visa (subclass 417 or 462). Your worker can do this online or via the myVEVO app, and send you an email verifying their details.

    3. Apply tax and super - check the Schedule 15 tax table to make sure you withhold the correct amount of tax. You also need to pay eligible super contributions as you normally would.

    You may have noticed recent media attention about working holiday makers. However, your responsibilities when hiring working holiday makers haven't changed.

    You should continue to:

    • maintain your registration as an employer of working holiday makers if your worker holds a subclass 417 or 462 visa
    • withhold the appropriate rate from payments you make to your workers that are working holiday makers.

    We will contact you if your worker identifies themselves as an Australian resident for tax purposes and our records indicate they are a working holiday maker.

    If your worker has questions, refer them to: ato.gov.au/WHM

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