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  • JobKeeper - changes for child care providers

    429 SBN Jobkeeper a

    5 August 2020

    Employees who work for a child care subsidy (CCS) approved provider are no longer eligible for JobKeeper payments. This includes sole traders operating a child care service.

    If the duties of your employee relate principally to the delivery of a CCS approved service then they are not eligible for JobKeeper payments.

    Duties could include:

    • educator
    • centre director and managers
    • administration
    • cook
    • cleaner
    • gardener
    • research or advocacy staff.

    You will not be reimbursed for payments made to these employees from 20 July (after JobKeeper fortnight 8, 6 July to 19 July).

    If you have employees who:

    • undertake child care related activities that are minor or secondary to their main responsibility, they may still be eligible for JobKeeper payments.
    • has mixed duties, they will be eligible if their principal duties are not CCS related.

    If your business runs other activities in addition to being a CCS approved provider, such as aged care your employees may still be eligible for JobKeeper payments.

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    • Read JobKeeper guides to find out how to stop receiving JobKeeper payments for ineligible employees

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